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Attorney for Man Beaten During Inkster Arrest: ‘We’re not anti cop, we’re anti Robocop’

DETROIT, MI — Gregory Rohl, Floyd Dent’s Novi-based attorney, says “don’t take the refuse of other departments because they’re a little cheaper.” “We’re not anti cop here,” Rohl said during his clients Wayne County Circuit Court arraignment Wednesday. “We’re anti Robocop.”

Several Inkster police, including Officer William Melendez who’s been named in numerous lawsuits alleging illegal beehavior, are the subject of a police brutality investigation after the violent arrest of 57-year-old Dent in Inkster Jan. 28. Dent was charged with assaulting and resisting and officer — those charged were dismissed in Inkster’s District Court — driving on a suspended license and possession of cocaine. Dent claims the cocaine was planted. Dent appeared in Wayne County Circuit Court Wednesday before Wayne County Circuit Judge David Groner, who entered a  not-guilty plea on Dent’s behalf. He’ll return to court Groner’s courtroom April 15 at 9:30 a.m. for a docket hearing. It’s Rohl’s hope, the remaining felony charge is dismissed.