The Home Appliance Show

The Home Appliance Show

Saturday & Sunday Mornings (Times vary due to football season) Click for Program Guide

The Home Appliance Show is a consumer-protection show that helps you with your most valued appliances. 

Millions of home and business appliance recalls go unnoticed each year and The Appliance Doctor, Joe Gagnon is here to help you.

Each weekend, The Appliance Doctor will give you an in depth look at how to take care of your prized possessions and who can help you keep them maintained each year. 

The show will also tell you what to look out for when making those big ticket appliance purchases.

The Appliance Doctor is your trusted Consumer Advocate!

Joe Gagnon
“The Appliance Doctor”

Owner, Carmack Appliance & Service Center – Garden City since 1979
Service Manager, Amana Refrigeration, Inc
Board Member, Garden City Chamber of Commerce
President-Elect, Great Lakes Chapter of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP)

Joe Gagnon (pronounced like cannon) has been dispensing free advice on home appliances as a talk show host on WJR for some time now. Dubbed a consumer gladiator by those who know him well, Gagnon has worked hard to bring respectability to the appliance industry. Recognizing that not every consumer is a born “do-it-yourselfer,” he has also written several publications to save consumers money. His book, “First Aid From The Appliance Doctor,” is an in-depth look at the industry with directions on how to defend yourself in the marketplace. This nitty-gritty review of the appliance industry is guaranteed to make some dealers and service/repair companies cringe. It shows how to save money, read between the lines on advertisements, tell a good machine from a cheap one, do simple repairs, and keep your appliances running. Gagnon’s two other publications, “Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold” and “Keep Your Dryer Running Smoothly” are also excellent guides prescribed by the Appliance Doctor on dryer and refrigerator maintenance.

The owner of Carmack Appliance & Service Center in Garden City since 1979, this appliance dealer and repair expert earned his doctorate as the Appliance and Consumer Doctor on the airwaves and at the service desk. He began his career in the appliance industry in 1970, working as a service manager for Amana Refrigeration, Inc. Most notably, Gagnon has successfully lobbied Michigan legislation to outlaw plastic or vinyl-covered clothes’ dryer vents. Lint build-up in the plastic tubing is responsible for starting fires in more than 13,000 homes nationally every year.

Over the years, Gagnon has learned the dishonest tricks of the service/repair industry, and is fighting for more legislation in Michigan that will protect consumers … similar to California’s laws. (In California, the industry is licensed and regulated by a watchdog group.) This consumer advocate provides expert testimony to legislators and courts. He is a member of the Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys, and is also on call at the Detroit Consumer Affairs office, where he works as an appliance fraud investigator.

An active community member, the good doctor has been presented with many awards. He is currently on the board of directors for the Garden City Chamber of Commerce, and president-elect of the Great Lakes Chapter of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP). SOCAP is a national organization dedicated to fostering and maintaining the integrity of business in dealing with consumers and effective communication between business, government and consumers.

Gagnon is originally from Timmins, Ontario. A former hockey professional, he played for the Lansing Senators hockey team in 1966, and in the minors for the Eastern Hockey League. Still as healthy as a lumberjack, Gagnon plays hockey for charity causes with the Red Wing Old-Timers.