Auto Safety Head Steps Down

A new boss will step in as the top U-S auto safety official.
The old one was never confirmed by the U-S Senate.

James Owens will take over as acting administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at the end of the month. Owens, currently the deputy general counsel of the agency, will replace Heidi King. King was nominated by Pres. Trump to be the head of NHTSA, but she was not confirmed by the Senate, even though the Senate is controlled by Republicans.

The NHTSA administrator is the key official in efforts by the Trump administration to roll back fuel efficiency requirements.
As a top attorney, Owens has also been involved.

President Obama put in place a fuel efficiency average of 46 miles per gallon by the year 20-26. Trump’s lower option is under review. A major goal of whatever happens is to establish a nationwide emission rule, and keep California from setting new requirements on it’s own