Lions’ Kerryon Johnson doesn’t care if he reveals ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers

Photo: WJR

By Michael Stets

ALLEN PARK – Kerryon Johnson doesn’t care if you haven’t seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones. And he doesn’t care if you aren’t caught up on past seasons either. He’s going to discuss it openly and freely on social media.

“Look, the show has been out for so long, if you’re not caught up by now … Look, watch it. I watched it,” said Johnson, who is usually very active on Twitter when the show airs on Sunday nights. “You could watch it … Man, I don’t care. I’ll spoil it again, too. I don’t care.”

Johnson, now in his second year with the Lions, said he hated the hit HBO series when he first began to watch it a few years ago, but eventually got hooked. Last fall is when he really got sucked in, he said, watching episodes whenever he got a break from his football obligations to get caught up.

Last Sunday, of course, was one of the biggest episodes in the show’s eight-year history. The 82-minute episode entitled “The Long Night,” reportedly took over 11 weeks to film. It includes the biggest (and longest) battle scene ever filmed in both film and television history. And according to the Neilsen Ratings, over 12 million people tuned into watch it in real time. If you count those that watched a replay or streamed the show, the number is 17.8 million.

Johnson, who was among those watching from the edge of their seats on Sunday, gave his reaction to the show’s conclusion, which featured Arya Stark slaying The Night King to win “The Battle of Winterfell,” saving the living from the army of the dead.

“I was going crazy,” Johnson began. “Arya came through in the clutch, did her thing, and I was going crazy in my room. I was running all around the room because I thought they were all gonna die. I really thought everybody was gone. I was like, ‘Uh, well, hey, we tried.’ They came through and they did their thing, so I’m happy the show is going where it’s going.”