Sewer Lawsuits Fly Over 2016 Collapse

The sewer collapse battle is on.
3 contractors and an Oakland-Macomb drain district have sued Macomb County charging that Macomb drain officials knew for years about serious problems that caused the sewer collapse in Fraser in 2016.
The lawsuits by Oakland County followed lawsuits filed by Macomb County against several contractors, blaming them for the collapse that cost 75-million dollars to repair.
Massive pipes that are 100 feet underground move sewage and wastewater to the plant in Detroit.
The Oakland County lawsuits say Macomb drain officials were warned for several years that the Macomb Interceptor Drain was deteriorating, but nothing was done.

Oakland Water Resource officials say the current public works commissioner, Candice Miller, is not to blame, since she took office after the collapse. They blame the problems on the department when it was run by former commissioner Anthony Marrocco.