Report On Auto Tariffs Due Soon

The Trump Administration is poised to declare imported vehicles and auto parts to be a threat to national security.President Trump would decide the next move.

The final report by the Commerce Department, under review since last May, is due in less than a week. A national security threat by foreign vehicles would be a prelude to imposing tariffs to help the U-S auto industry. Trump accuses foreign countries of exploiting the American free market, while imposing big tariffs on U-S products.
But tariffs are opposed by the auto industry lobby, and by the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, which warns of big price increases and the loss of thousands of jobs in the U-S at foreign-owned plants, when the foreign countries retaliate.
One scenario has Trump threatening tariffs as a bargaining chip to gain quotas to limit the number of foreign imports, to boost sales of vehicles made in America.