Who Will Take Over At MSU?

John Engler is out as interim president of MSU. The board requested Engler’s resignation after the way he has handled and talked about the Larry Nassar scandal.
Engler will leave in a week. The new interim president is expected to be Dr. Satish Udpa, executive vice-president for administration at MSU, and the  former longtime head of the engineering school.
5 Democratic trustees were poised to fire Engler, after his year as volunteer president was marked with statements that Nassar victims and supporters thought were degrading.

Engler wrote an 11-page letter to the board.
In it he highlighted changes under his tenure that included a satellite location for student mental health services; new non-profit organization of the colleges of Human Medicine and Nursing; and many steps to address relationship violence and sexual misconduct.
The letter pointed out the $500 million settlement with 332 Nassar survivors. Engler also said his administration was able to present a two-year budget, undergraduate tuition freezes and a block tuition structure.
His opponents on the board characterize Engler as mean-spirited and out of touch with the sympathies shared by many for the Nassar victims.