Whitmer Says She Will Open The Books To Congress On Flint

What will happen to the Flint water congressional investigation, now that Democrats are in charge?

The new chairman of the U-S House oversight committee, Elijah Cummings, Democrat from Maryland, has said he wants to resume the panel’s inquiry into Flint water.
Cummings has said he thought former Gov. Snyder stonewalled the committee when Snyder testified as Republicans were in control. Cummings suggested that Snyder didn’t tell the truth and that the state didn’t hand over all that it knew.
Congressman Cummings asked Snyder to comply with a request for more documents, no later than January 11. It isn’t known if the state responded, according to M-Live.
Gov. Whitmer’s office says it will cooperate with the committee and collect documents that were not sent when Snyder ran things.
Congressman Cummings indicates he may subpoena Snyder to come in for more questioning.