MSU Board Meets With 3 New Members

The Michigan State University Board of Trustees holding its first meeting of the new year  with the Larry Nassar scandal is still on the minds of the board.

One issue the board is facing is the reinstatement of a 10-million dollar fund covering counseling services for victims who had been sexually abused by the imprisoned former sports doctor.

This past December university officials said the remaining 8.5 million dollars in the fund were being rolled over into the schools 500 million dollar settlement with more than 330 of Nassar’s victims.

The move was sharply criticized and led to over 15-hundred students, faculty, alumni and others signing an appeal to have the fund restored.

Last week, newly-elected Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer added her name to the list.

The board has 3 new members. 2 are Democrats elected to the board by voters. The other is an appointee by former Gov. Snyder.