DPD Murder Caseloads Studied

Detroit Police are making progress in solving murders. But it’s coming slow, and the police force faces serious challenges.

Detroit Police arrest suspects in 48 percent of the homicides that occur in the city. That’s up from 37 percent 5 years ago. That’s one of the findings of a study of murders and the police response by the Washington Post.
The Post says over a 5-year period each homicide detective has been tasked with solving about 8 new killings per year. Police experts say caseloads should be no more than 5 homicides per detective. The higher the caseload, the lower the arrest rate.

Organizational changes made by Chief Craig are credited with helping make the improvements. But Detroit Police continue to be understaffed, due to budget limitations, and retirements.
Statistics show that since 20-12, someone has been murdered every 24 hours in Detroit.