Terror Suspect Remains In Jail

A judge rules that an Ypsilanti man who had an arsenal of weapons and bomb components and stole a U.S Department of Homeland Security employee’s all-access pass will stay in jail.
Defense lawyers want him freed, arguing he is a law-abiding U.S citizen who does not support violence by the Islamic State or other terror-linked groups.
29-year old Youssef Ramadan was jailed last year after federal agents found pepper spray, knives, a stun gun, black masks, two-way radios, a gas mask and photos of a homemade pipe bombs in his luggage at the Detroit Metro. Airport. He was removed from the Royal Jordanian Airlines flight that was headed to Amman, Jordan, with his ultimate destination Israel.
Ramadan said he was photojournalist and needed the items for personal safety.
Investigators found electronic devices including laptops, iPhones and storage devices in a secondary investigation. They saw videos of Ramadan shooting pistols and rifles.
He is charged with two weapons offenses that carry 10-year prison sentences.
His defense lawyer rejected a plea deal that would have forced him to give up his U.S citizenship. Instead, Ramadan is fighting the allegations and says he wants to prove investigators assaulted him while at the airport.


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