How Deep Was Job Training Scandal?

Did Fiat Chrysler and the UAW conspire to pervert contract bargaining?

That’s the allegation by the U-S government, aimed at the UAW and Fiat Chrysler, according to the Detroit News.
The News says federal prosecutors allege the union and Fiat Chrysler conspired over a 6 year period to violate labor law which prohibits managements from paying union officers or giving them gifts, and prohibits union officials from accepting payments, to affect collective bargaining of labor contracts. The News says it’s the first time FCA and the union have been identified separately from individuals in the case. The government has not brought charges against either the company or the union.
The allegation is found in the plea agreement between a former FCA executive, Michael Brown, who is charged in the investigation of the UAW Chrysler National Training Center, and illegal payments to some UAW officials. Prosecutors write in the court filing that Brown knew that the purpose of payments was to grease the skids to obtain advantages in contract bargaining.
The case has resulted in 6 convictions so far.
The new allegation occurs as the UAW is holding a national convention in Detroit.